XMotion Arduino Based All In One Controller V.2

New Soon XMotion Arduino Based All In One Controller V.2

XMotion is Arduino Compatible all in one robot controller. Which designed especially for robotics, IoT and maker projects.

It includes powerful Motor drivers, switching mode regulator, interface circuits and more. With protected features, it is all in one board for lots of different types of robot projects.

But not only this. Also we added some supporting materials, like starter codes, libraries. If you want to do line follower, mini-sumo or any basic robot we have ready-made codes for beginners.


Other development board's problems

At first glance if you plan to do robotics projects (For educational or hobby projects) there is lots of controller boards In market, but this boards are not practical and user friendly. At same time they are not giving same performance specs as XMotion. 8x3 cm size comes very handy for all projects. 

Secondly, XMotion's developing potential is huge! If you work for robot project, always you need to aim the highest. XMotion gives you this chance.

Xmotion development board impact

First of all it is Arduino compatible! VERY EASY TO PROGRAM WITH ARDUINO SOFTWARE. 

And it has lots of superior features. We can shortly say power in your hand. Just look to bottom image:

What is that strong features?

  • Small dimension. It was very important factor at our design, small but at same time stabilized design. We managed to make 80x30x12mm dimension board without rectricts.
  • 6 Ampere x 2 Motor drive outputs.  This outputs can supply high currents and gives juice more than enough for small robotics projects. When compared with traditional boards 6 Ampere triples, doubles the other boards. Also they are protected for short circuits.
  • Voltage input protected for reverse connection. At full current voltage drop at reverse connection mosfet is only 60 millivolts!
  • Built-in regulator can work up to 28V! (For generic Arduino boards this voltage is 15V with lots of heat) XMotion never heats.
  • At bottom you can program with micro USB. Main Mcu (ATMEGA 32U4) preloaded with Arduino Leonardo Software. Very easy to program.
  • For analog reading, we used presicion LC T filter at design. Analog readings are more accurate without electrical noise.
  • Board has analog input elements like voltage sensor, trimpot. With voltage sensor you can create Low battery stopping functions or Working speed vs input voltage functions.
  • You can connect up to 8 sensors or interface circuits with built-in pads at bottom.

For more understanding please look to comparison table

Xmotion board comparison table

Now, if we summarize the features of XMotion:

xmotion arduino controller features

Which sensors models are suitable to XMotion?

All digital and analog output sensors can be used with XMotion. Unfortunately I2C output sensors are not avaible on hardware connection. 
With 8 protected Inputs also you can connect directly PNP output 12V sensors like Omron, Keyence sensors... Here some models suitable to XMotion

  • JS40F Digital Opponent Sensor
  • MZ80 Infrared Sensor
  • Omron E3Z-D62-82 (Not resistor divider needed!)
  • Pepperl Fuchs MLT1000 (Not resistor divider needed!)
  • Banner Q20NDXL
  • Parallax Ping Sensor
  • HCSR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • QTR1A and QTR1RC Line Sensors
  • QTR8A and QTR8RC Line Sensors
  • Xline Line Sensor
  • ML1 Line Sensor

Which motors can be used with XMotion?

With 6 Ampere x 2 dependent drivers. You can use lots of dc motor types. We suggest all 12mm, 15mm, 16mm diameter and some 25mm diameters within current limits. Here some motor models you can use:

  • Pololu 12mm LP, MP, HP and carbon brush series
  • Fingertech 15mm Motor series
  • Jsumo Core Motor series
  • 25mm Diameter DC Gear Motors (Low current drawing models)
  • 37mm Diameter DC Gear Motors (Low current drawing models)

لا يوجد أي تعليقات لهذا المنتج.

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