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Model: AC109
ceramic capacitor Assorted Kit300pcs Ceramic capacitor 2PF-0.1UF,30valuesX10pcs = 300pcsSpecifications as follows:2P 3P 5P 10P 15P 22P 30P 33P 47P 68P 75P82P 101(100P) 151 221 331471(470pf) 102(1nf) 152 222 332 472 681682 103(10nf) 153 333473 683 104(100nf)Each value 10pcs as a row, all 30 values in..
2.000 OMR
Model: AC107
120pcs 12 values 0.22UF-470UF Aluminumelectrolytic capacitor assortment kit set packincluding (10x each value)(1)50v 0.22uf(2)50v 0.47uf(3)50v 1uf(4)50v 2.2uf(5)50v 4.7uf(6)50v 10uf(7)50v 22uf(8)16v 33uf(9)16v 47uf(10)16v 100uf(11)16v 220uf(12)16v 470uf..
3.500 OMR
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